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Bobble Surf Camp

4.2 ( 7502 ratings )
Спорт Игры Симуляторы Спорт
Разработчик Lemur Software

Just in time for Summer comes Bobble Surf Camp, an all new free version of the popular surfing game, Bobble Surfer!

Bobble Surf Camp has been designed to teach you how to surf in Bobble Surfer. Dont be put off if youve found it too hard before: Bobble Surf Camp will teach you the basics (and tricks) to get you carving the waves in no time!

The Camp includes access to two of the eight breaks in the full game which you can hit in either Free Surf or Pro Surf modes.


* Lush cartoony graphics
* A surfin soundtrack
* Two breaks (including one with a barrel)
* Four Lessons
* Free Surf Mode (no scoring - just you and a wave the way surfing is meant to be)
* Pro Surf Mode (pull off deep barrel rides and huge combos to score big)